Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mission Statement

As simple as this may sound: I am a complex man. Used to be a complex boy, but life turned me into a man. I added the complexity myself. Always spent more time questioning than I spent time coming up with answers. I've tried the learning process, and I did learn but I hardly ever processed. Somewhere along the line I taught myself how to value the quality of my life and how to constantly improve it. This blog is about the simple quality of being complex.

So yeah, welcome to my superficial blog. I guess I'm supposed to state that I hope you like it or that I want you to enjoy it or something along those lines, but frankly I don't really care... Obviously it wouldn't hurt me if somebody got something out of this blog, but that's just none of my priorities.
This blog is about whatever occupies me and whatever is interesting to me, myself and I. I want to write about music, sports, food, Clockwork Orange and possibly more music.
I am not an authority on either of the subjects mentioned above - nor on anything else for that matter.
I just know what like and I will talk about it.

This blog is dedicated to the seekers of the truth, the destroyers of devilishment, the gisciples and the soul survivors. It's on.


  1. Complex Man = Only Living Witness reference?

    Anyways, looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on this blog, will add it to mine. And ofcourse to hearing more RTTM!

  2. Thanks for the comment and the add! Only Living Witness indeed, great song.

  3. Just posted OLW's 1990 demo on my blog if yer interested (posted their self-titled 7" from 1991 ages ago as well)...

  4. Cool, thank you! This seems to be of way better quality than the rip I have!
    Also came across that Kindred liveset! Curious to hear that one, even though they sounded sloppy live most of the time... GREAT band!