Monday, November 30, 2009

Quote Of The Week: Blacklisted

Every Monday Complex Man will leave you with a Quote Of The Week to help you kick off your week in a confident manner. Some inspirational words of wisdom that will influence the mind and soul. Something to elevate your thoughts, a quote that will instantly upgrade your spiritual existance. Or just something that sounds cool...

Today Blacklisted released a new album, it's called No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me. I've said this before but Blacklisted is one of my favourite current Hardcore bands: musically, lyrically and definitely attitude-wise as well. The way those guys handle their band should be an example to every starting band out there. Their work-ethic, their love for Hardcore, the way they keep going regardless of whatever setbacks cross their path...
So as always, I am psyched to hear new Blacklisted songs! Their sound has been evolving with every new record, and judging from the live versions of some new songs and the album info, this record promises to be even more challenging than ever before! I guess we can agree most Hardcore bands are rather stagnant and too much exploration of musical boundaries is generally frowned upon. Well, Blacklisted doesn't just explore boundaries: they fuck 'em up. And this new record seems to be no exception on this fine BL tradition, so make sure to order it here! I'm anxious to hear it and expect more about this record on here, but while I wait for my copy to arrive let's kick off this week with some great George Hirsch lines. When deciding which song to quote I just couldn't quite chose, so I picked two songs that appear on Blacklisted's Peace On Earth, War On Stage EP as well as on their Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God LP.
I've always been a fan of George's lyrics, as they're not only extremely well-written, they also give you a glimpse inside the writer's mind and heart. I know that's what every lyricist claims to be doing, but rarely do we get to see the writer's honest, unfiltered thoughts and feelings. George writes the kind of lyrics that are too hard for most singers to put into words and that are too confronting to write them down for others to read. Let alone literally go on record and truly open up to thousands of listeners, and sing them to crowds of strangers every night. To me, his lyrics are often painfully personal and the upcoming album seems to be no exception: "sometimes I leave the house early, just to ride the subway all day. Sizing up every station, to see which one fits my plan of jumping in front of the train" or "maybe they're hiring scarcrowes, I can sit in a field in the sun. I don't need the training, I already repulse everyone". I can't say I know George through and through but I have spent a good total of four weeks on tour with Blacklisted and I do know this: these words are as real as it gets.

In my life there's no truth, there's just mountains of lies.
Search for identity but wear a disguise.
I run and I run and I run and I run and I hide.
I'm complicated, so frustrating.
I know you hate it, but I just can't fake it.
You've seen my worlds at war, when I unlock my door.
Showed you things I hoped you'd never see.
You just said "Oh George, you could be so much more."
"You lost your way, it's a damn shame."

How do you criticize, when you stand so safe inside?
How do you climb, when you built your walls so high?
How do you fight, when your hands are firmly tied?
How do you rise, when all you know is the downside?
Cause all I know is the downside.
Cause all I know is the downside.
Blacklisted - 'memory layne' - Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God - 2008

Martyr without a cause, stripped of all my pride.
The same pride that won't let me lay down and die.
Alone exposed to the bone, stripped of all my skin.
The same skin I been hiding myself in.
Plagued with thorns in my side,
age shown by scars in my mind.

You've never laid in the beds that I've made.
Don't tell me about being afraid.
You've never died the ways that I've died.
What do you know about speaking to God?
You've never roamed the homes that I've roamed,
using your body to shield your soul.
Blacklisted - 'canonized' - Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God - 2008

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