Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day and night...

So due to the stomach flu that nailed me to my couch last week, I now have a lot of work to catch up to and I've been working long hours for the last couple of days. Hours meaning evenings/nights. This means no time for in-depth blogging but allow me to share with you which records I've been spinning to brighten up my late night work a little:
  • Lil Wayne - The Drought Is Over 2 (Carter III Sessions)
  • Birdman - Pricele$$
  • Kid Cudi - The Man On The Moon: The End Of The Day
  • Young Jeezy - Let's Get It: Thugh Motivation 101
All four of these albums are dedicated to my man Jeffrey! He had been advising me to check out Lil Wayne for a long time, and I did give Tha Carter a couple of spins but I though it wasn't hard and pounding enough for my taste. I always like my music intense and I initially thought Tha Carter was kinda soft but after a while I started to grow into it and when I got to Tha Carter III I realised what a genius Lil Wayne is! But definitely more on Weezy later.
I've also repeatedly been listening to Kid Cudi's debut full-length and I'm liking it. I used to call this kind of music soft and it would've never held my attention a while ago but I've really grown to like this and now I'd file this under 'chill' and 'feel-good vibe' instead of just 'soft'.
So props to Jeffrey for persisting to force his exquisite musical taste on me, love you no homo! Just a minute ago I took an oath to never question whatever J advises me to check out, and this oath will stand!
Other stuff I've been listening too, mainly just because I wanted to checked it out...
  • Jim Jones - Pray IV Reign: I'm not blown away by this but it's a solid album in good Jim Jones tradition!
  • Skarhead - Drugs, Music & Sex: this just couldn't hold my interest for longer than a couple of songs, and I had to force myself to sit this out. That 'D.F.F.' song is kinda catchy I guess, but other than that, nothing worth your while... I loved and still love Kings At Crime so I kinda had high hopes for this one, but I guess I should've known better...
  • Mannie Fresh - Return Of The Ballin: has some good songs on it but I wasn't urged to give this a third listen really.
  • Rihanna - Rated R: good songs, good guest appearances, great voice! Go hard or go home.
  • Snoop Dogg - I wanna rock mixtape: I'm no Snoop Dogg fan at all but I just wanted to check this out for the sake of giving it a try. Didn't make it through. I did lol'ed at the title of his upcoming album though: Malice In Wonderland. I know it's silly...
Tomorrow Rise And Fall, Iron Age and State Of Mind are playing the Dynamo in Eindhoven. Three great bands and you've got nothing better to do anyways...
That's it for now, byeluvya!

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