Friday, December 18, 2009

Never living, just surviving...

As the frequent visitors of Complex Man may have noticed, I took a week off from blogging. I went on a little trip to Ireland as mentioned below and have been working long hours for the rest of the week. Long hours as in: leaving for work at 7am and getting home at 1:30am. Yes, making appearances at work receptions and celebrations is hard work too. Also I just accepted some extra jobs on the side, so it doesn't seem to be getting better on this front...
It's all good though, the last week has been a lot of work and very little leisure but that is about to change for the next couple of days, as me and two of my friends are about to leave for a little hiking trip in the French Ardennes. Last August Filip, Wim and I agreed to go on a hiking together sometime soon, but due to conflicting schedules, the upcoming weekend is the first weekend we could finally make this happen. I've been hiking before, but not in a period that gives us only 8 hours of daylight and will have us sleeping in tents at temperatures of 11°C below zero. This is gonna be interesting to say the least. Here's a little preview of Wim aka De Hardway putting his newly bought outdoor gear to the test in urban environment:
Anyway, this means no blog updates for the next couple of days. I do have a couple of things in the pipeline though, so keep checking back next week. If I don't report back by Tuesday, you might want to ask the French authorities to start a rescue search around the area of Herbeuval-Breux. Please tell 'em to look for three underequipped idiots that froze to death or got killed by a boar. I'd appreciate that, thank you. Byeluvyah!

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