Sunday, December 20, 2009

...still on the path of the righteous life.

I didn’t expect to be able to update this blog this soon but I'm glad to say the three of us made it home safe from the hiking trip we embarked on. At the same time it pains me having to admit that we had to cut our stint short. I'm not proud of it but we just had to face defeat in order to preserve our physical wellbeing. We were aware that we picked the darkest and coldest weekend of the year to go out camping, but it rarely ever gets this cold in Belgium/France so we just weren't prepared nor equipped to last three days and two nights under these extreme circumstances. Although some of us definitely did look pretty extreme, as you can see...

Even though the weather was beautiful during the day, it still was -12°C in the sun and our water supply got frozen in literally 20 minutes. The temperatures didn’t bother us as long as we just kept moving, but whenever we made a stop to prepare some food and heat up some tea, the cold simply became unbearable. During the night temperatures dropped to -18°C which makes it impossible to sleep and one more night out there probably wouldn’t have done us any good. Despite the cold we all had a great time and it was definitely fun. We tested ourselves and pushed it to the limit, but in the end we just had to give in to force majeure and shorten our trip. To make up for this we vowed to go for a swim in the North Sea on January 2nd. We will also walk 100 kilometres at once in August, and give our hiking trip another chance in a couple of months.


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  2. I only see 2 people on the first pic. 2 people and a hoovering backpack.

  3. Wim is not even wearing his skimask in that picture!