Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day Five: 10km

Had to run a fast 10 kilometres today. I ran on an empty stomach again, to burn as much calories as possible. I changed my waterbelt for a new one, and this one fits better: it's tight enough to prevent the shaking up and down with every step. It also has a pocket for my keys and a couple of tubes of carbohydrate gel that I always like to have on me. It hardly ever have to use them but you never know when your body needs some extra carbs to burn when you're far away from home. Especially when running on an empty stomach.
My run didn't go as easy as I was hoping it would: I could definitely feel I've been running a lot this weeks, and that I am giving my body not much time to recover.
It felt like I've been running as fast as my legs could possible carry me, and I did finish in 46 minutes with an average pace of 4:37 min/km, which is alright (at least it is for me) but it's not the fastest 10 km I've every done. Last Monday I did 10 km in 44 minutes, but ofcourse I hadn't been running as much the days before as I had now.
I was back home at around 9:30am, took a cold shower, ate corn flakes and went straight to the gym to do some shoulder presses, front squats and a bunch of abdominal exercises.
As I'm typing this my knees and shins really don't feel too good, and tomorrow I have a 20 kilometre run scheduled. Not really looking forward to this...

Distance: 10.01 kilometres.
Duration: 46 minutes and 20 seconds.
Pace: 4:37 per kilometre.
Date: Saturday 16/07/11 at 08:39am

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  1. You have to shedule a sauna once every 2 weeks either on a monday or a wednesday or on a Thursday after the training. Remember: resting days should be resting days...
    Also if you could find a good fysio and see him once a week that would be helpfull.
    Change Tuesday training into 8 easy km and make the Friday training an also easy 15 km on golf links or simular.