Friday, July 15, 2011

Day Four: 11km

Today I just had to run 11 kilometres: no specific pace or time-indications. I figured if I'd run this on an empty stomach I would burn some extra calories, so I got up at 6am to commence my run.
From the first steps on I could tell my body hadn't recovered very well from the 21km I ran barely 15 hours ago: my knees, shins, Achilles tendon and feet still felt sore. Even my upper arms and shoulders were stiff from swinging them so violenly in a feeble attempt to gain speed during the sprints.
Usually these pains last for the first 4 or 5 kilometres and then either disappear or I just stop paying attention to them. Today however, these pains stuck with me during the entire 11 kilometres so I just tried to find a comfortable pace and rhythm, and tried to hold that. That worked pretty well for me so I finished my run, but my left Achilles tendon kept hurting for the rest of the day.
At night I hit the gym for a good 1,5 hours and did some bench-presses, biceps curls, stability-pushups, and some side and front planks.

Distance: 11 kilometres.
Duration: 57 minutes and 54 seconds.
Pace: 5:15 per kilometre.
Date: Friday 15/07/11 at 06:11am

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