Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day Nine: Resting Day

Today was a resting day again. I had scheduled an appointment with my physiologist to have my knees and shins checked out. Apparantly I'm rather prone to injury, and I'm pretty worried about this. Several years ago I had shin splint in both my legs and it had me down for months. I started feeling similar pains in my shins during the last couple of days, but luckily my physiologist assured my that it wasn't a shin splint yet, but it would become one if not threated properly.
I rode my bike there and back (20 kilometres in total) and on the way back I stopped at a specialized running store to check for new shoes. Johan advised me to get an extra pair so I could switch between pairs. They had me running barefoot on a treadmill and filmed my feet while I was doing so. Afterwards they analysed my movements and recommended me the Nike Lunarglide+3. The salesman obviously wasn't aware of the fact that I know my sneaker-stuff because he told me they were all out of Lunarglides 3 and had them on backorder. I know however that the Lunarglide 3 is set to be released on August 1st.
It seemed kinda odd to me that they would recommend me a running shoe that hasn't even been released yet. I mean, that shoe seems perfectly good to me, but when a stores that uses its running-experience as a main selling point recommends me a shoe that they possibly can't have experience with, I'll think twice. I will try to pay a visit to the Running Centre in Leuven in the near future and ask for a second opinion there.
When I got home from my bikeride, I took the train to Antwerp for a crossfit training.
Apart from the usual warmup, we did:
- pistols
- shoulder presses up to the maximum weight you could do 5 reps with.
- 5 sets of 5 shoulder presses with 40kg and 5 pull-ups, 90 seconds of rest in-between sets.
- waiter's walk with 16kg kettlebell
- farmer's walk with 16kg kettlebell
- tabata's: 4x 40 seconds of ropejumping, 20 seconds of rest in-between.
At night I chilled in a sauna centre for a couple of hours. It is a resting day after all...

Here is an interview with the designer of the Nike Lunarglide+ 3:

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