Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Eight: 19km

Had to run 18 kilometres today. Last weekend Johan advised me to try and run in the woods or park or on anything softer than the concrete I usually run on. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of changing my routes: I like to run to the channel, run next to it until I'm halfway and then turn around and run back home. I don't have to worry about the distance (I hate when I arrive back in my street and my run is still a couple kilometres short so I have to run around the block like an idiot), I don't have to plan my route and worry about where I'm gonna end up.
Anyway, fact is that I will do whatever Johan tells me to do, so I started out in a different direction and ran past the movie theatre, to the Hasselt University, turned around and ran a couple of kilometres back to the golf course. When I entered the golf course I had about 11 kilometres done so I just ran tours until I had to head back home. However I didn't know my way around there, so I had to turn back several times when I'd be on a dead end path and I had to find my way back. I don't like runing like this at all: when I need to think about finding my way, it's harder to focus on my pace and my breathing. But I have to admit the scenery was beautiful and the trail felt better than running on concrete. I also ended up running 19 kilometres instead of the 18 I was supposed to do, because I couldn't calculate my distance.
Other than all this however, my run felt fairly good. I think I maintained a steady pace throughout the 19 kilometres and afterwards I barely had to catch my breath. If my knees and shins wouldn't hurt, I felt like I could easily run 10 more kilometres.

Distance: 19.1 kilometres.
Duration: 1 hour 36 minutes and 5 seconds.
Pace: 5:01 per kilometre.
Date: Tuesday 19/07/11 at 08:13am

I listened to the recordings for the upcoming Gypsy LP and to the War Hungry LP twice. I suggest you keep your eyes peeled for that Gypsy LP to be released! The songs and vocal patterns are really catchy, but the music is suprisingly heavy at times. I have no idea when this LP is going to be released or who is gonna put it out though. I'd think it'd be on Six Feet Under, but then again these recordings have been finished for a while now and SFU is not the kind of label to sit a great record and wait with releasing it.
The War Hungry LP is definitely something else. I thought after their 'Return To Earth' EP it was pretty clear where they were taking their sound, but still they surprised me with some of the songs. I am definitely into this record though, and I have been listening to this on a very regular basis for the last week. Unlike a lot of people I've been hearing, I don't think this is the best record ever (sic), but it definitely appeals to me and I often want to listen to it.

In the afternoon today, I took a trip to Antwerp for a crossfit training. Today's session consisted out of a test that everyone in the club took: we had to as many circuits of 3 different exercises as we possibly could in 15 minutes. Every circuit consisted out of:
- 10 push-ups with hand-release
- 15 wall-balls with an 8kg medicine-ball (throwing out of squat position)
- 20 ketllebell swings with an 16kg kettlebell
I kinda underestimated the heaviness of these excercises and started out rather fast, but after a couple of rounds I had to slow down. I ended up finishing 7 circuits and made it 2/3 into the last circuit. Considering that the club-record was 9 rounds, I guess I did kinda alright but I was exhausted and I feel like my heartbeat still hasn't found its normal pace as I type this.

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