Monday, July 18, 2011

Day Seven: Resting Day

Even though I worked for 12 hours straight, today was a rest day and I feel like I needed it a lot. However, my fixed gear bike that's been in the works for a couple of months was finally finished over the weekend, so when I got home I just had go for a ride.
I wanted to see if in the future I would be able to go to work by bike, so I decided to try out part of the way to the city I work in. According to Google Maps it would be a good 21 kilometres from Hasselt to Beringen, if I'd ride next to the channel, and as I wrote on here before, I love running next to the channel so cycling next to it would be cool too, but I didn't know whether you can follow it all the way up to Beringen by bike. So just to check it out I rode the first 12 kilometres and then I turned around because it was getting dark. I did the entire 24 kilometres in little over an hour. I have no idea what a decent time is when riding a bike, but considering it's a fixed gear I guess that's alright.
Listened to Helmet 'in the meantime' on repeat for the entire ride. Such a good record.

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