Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day Two: No Rest For The Wicked

Today was supposedly a rest day from running, but as I had a couple of hours off from work I decided to hit the gym rather than just sitting around at home.
I didn't feel like doing slow, repetitive excersises for an hour, so I just improvised a little circuit of excersises to do back to back. I did the following circuit three times, and took just enough rest in between every circuit to catch my breath.

10x pull-ups
12x 60kg bench-press reps
5x 30 kg bear complex (deadlift/snatch/front squat/shoulder press/back squat/shoulder press)
20x 20kg kettlebell swings
10x push-ups with handrelease

No big deal to most of you and no heavy weights, but it made me feel useful on a rest day. When I train alone in the gym I usually wear headphones to block out the meathead's dumb, steroid-fueled conversations, but when doing circuits headphones would obviously only get in the way. So musicwise the highlight of this workout was the shitty radiostation playing The Verve's 'bittersweet symphony'. Some of you will know how much I love this song (if not, read here) so that was pretty cool.

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