Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day One: 15km

Yesterday I wrote that I had a plan for preparing myself for this marathon. What this basically comes down to is that Johan made a plan for me and I'm gonna try and stick to it.
I would thank Johan for using his extensive knowledge and experience to make a schedule for me, but I'm not sure how thankful I'm gonna be in a couple of weeks, because Johan is probably gonna make me suffer.

Anyway, today was my first training day and Johan scheduled a 15km run for me. I decided to run early in the morning, as I prefer running on an empty stomach because that way you burn more body fat.
Speed or pace was of no importance today, so I told myself to take it easy and tried to stick to a pace of 5:30 to 6 minutes per kilometre. However 5 kilometres into my run I noticed that I was running around 5:30 min/km, while still really making the effort to take it easy. I figured I'd try to maintain this pace till 10 km and then see how I felt and speed up or slow down accordingly.
So after 10 kilometres I felt like I hadn't been digging deep into my body and I sped up to run the last 5 km at around 5 min/km, which still went kinda easy, so I finished with an average pace of 4:53 min/km.

Distance: 15.02 kilometres.
Duration: 1 hour 13 minutes and 29 seconds.
Pace: 4:53 per kilometre.
Date: Tuesday 12/07/11 at 07:18am

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  1. The schedule Johan made seems to be pretty heavy! With 88km in week 1 you'll be running a marathon in no time... I hope your body can deal with it! GO FOR IT!