Monday, July 11, 2011

Day Zero: Running Free

It's been a long while since I posted on here, and from what I gather blogging has been replaced by Tumblr or whatever, but personally I still like the concept of an old fashioned website where you can read back the stories or look for the information you wanted to re-read. Not that I have anything worthwile or important to share, but I don't have the skills to build a website so I'll just settle for doing a blog.
The main reason for my attempt at re-starting this, is that I am currently training to run a marathon for which I need to keep a log anyway. I figured if I'm going to type my results and my thoughts about them in a Word-file, I might as well make the effort to share 'em on here. I get asked a lot of random questions about running and was even asked to do an interview about it, and although I am by no means an expert on the subject (or on any subject, for that matter) I like to write about it. So yeah, that's what Complex Man is gonna be about for the most part I guess, but I'll probably dwell on other subjects too.

I've ran long distances before, I've even finished a marathon before, so what makes it special enough to write about it this time? Well, the first time I ran 42 kilometres it was just because I knew I could do it: I knew I had the willpower and determination to finish it. I had ran 30 kilometres before so I figured I could just bite my teeth for 12 more kilometres, so I just did.
What's different this time, is that I set out a personal goal to work up to. I've never had much direction or many goals in my life, I've never made a plan or worked towards something: whatever happened, just happened. However, something you need to work up to something in life, to make a plan and stick to it.
So a couple of weeks ago, when I got an email about the Brussels Marathon that is happening on October 2nd and I just said to myself that I'm gonna run this. Period.
I know it's no big deal and many people have done this before me, I'm not gonna win this or I don't have a finishing time in mind: I'm just gonna prepare as well as I can and run 42 kilometres and that's it.
At the risk of publicly writing about this and having to call it off due to injuries later this month, this is what Complex Man will be mostly about for a while: so bear with me. Or don't.

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