Monday, October 29, 2012

TOP/BOTTOM The Get Up Kids live in Hasselt

- Great setlist! They definitely did play more songs of 'Four Minute Mile' and 'Something To Write Home About' than I expected them to. Ofcourse a 'first two full-lengths'-setlist would've been better, but considering they are touring to promote their new record (which they jokingly called 'possibly the best record of 2011' in between songs) they still played a lot of old songs and that's cool. They even played 'woodson' off their first EP, didn't see that coming.
- They weren't so tight, but who cares it's The Get Up Kids: they are young and spontanious and energetic and they play sloppy and that's cute right?? Well, they were all this ten years ago, but they still easily get away with it in my book.

- Awkward vibe in the venue. There's something about those government-funded venues that makes me too uncomfortable to fully enjoy a concert: they're all so neat and clean and are decorated by interior design companies, they have drink tickets with their logo and staff wearing their T-shirts like a uniform.  I have to admit these are the clubs that are nice to arrive at as a touring band, but as a show-attendee I still prefer the gritty
- That song called 'on the wire'. Such a disgrace. I mean, I'm relatively open-minded and whatnot, but that song is horrible.
- Lose the keyboards. It's cool that you want to bring your friend on tour with you, and I understand that he still wants to be on stage reliving his days as a frontman in Coalesce, but let him roadie or do merch. Maybe let him do some guestvocals or play a part on a song, but having him dance around and play the keyboards now and then  doesn't add anything to the set. Except for someone annoyingly trying to draw attention to himself. Just a thought.

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