Friday, January 29, 2010

The Future

ain't what it used to be.

So January is coming to an end and honestly I'll be glad to dance on its grave. During the last month I've been working like a madmen: 12 hour workdays, Sundays included. Not only has my regular job been hectic, in an optimistic moment I also accepted a chair in an exam commission that took up a lot more of my (already limited) off time than I expected. However I can say I enjoyed it and feel good about working hard and making myself useful. What I don’t really feel good about though is wearing myself thin, neglecting my otherwise pretty alright food and training schedules, and letting this blog go down the drain. After 12hour working days I just didn’t feel inspired or motivated to boot a computer.

However, that being said I think I earned the right to get away from it all for a little while. I haven’t done any touring since the True Colors/Bitter End tour last May and I’m anxious to hit the road again! I will join Rise And Fall and Trapped Under Ice, two of my favorite current Hardcore bands, on their European tour. Almost right after that I will hook up with True Colors and New Jersey’s Floorpunch for a couple of shows, leading up to their show at Trix in Antwerp on February 17th. This will be one of the last True Colors shows, the last Floorpunch show and also the last Rhythm To The Madness show ever.

I may or may not pick up this blog again when I get back to the real world, but right now I feel more like rather dedicating my efforts to printed material instead of bits and bytes. We'll see about that...

Anyway, come say hi at one of these shows:

01/29: Bochum, Germany @ Matrix w/ Trapped Under Ice, Rise And Fall
01/30: Rosswein, Germany @ Jugendhaus w/ Trapped Under Ice, Rise And Fall
01/31: Katowice, Poland @ Marcholt w/ Trapped Under Ice, Rise And Fall
02/01: Wien, Austria @ Viper Room w/ Trapped Under Ice, Rise And Fall
02/02: Aschaffenburg, Germany @ Katakombe w/ Trapped Under Ice, Rise And Fall
02/03: London, United Kingdom @ Underworld w/ Trapped Under Ice, Rise And Fall
02/04: Manchester, United Kingdom @ Star and Garter w/ Trapped Under Ice, Rise And Fall
02/05: Nottingham, United Kingdom @ The Central w/ Trapped Under Ice, Rise And Fall
02/06: Ieper, Belgium @ Winterfest w/ Trapped Under Ice, Rise And Fall
02/12: Peer, Belgium @ De Wissel w/ True Colors
02/13: Lichtenstein, Germany @ JZ Riot w/ Floorpunch, True Colors
02/14: Haarlem, The Netherlands @ Patronaat w/ Floorpunch, True Colors
02/15: London, United Kingdom @ The Underworld w/ Floorpunch, True Colors
02/16: Leeds, United Kingdom@ The Well w/ Floorpunch, True Colors
02/17: Antwerp, Belgium @ Trix LAST RHYTHM TO THE MADNESS SHOW w/ Floorpunch, True Colors