Monday, January 4, 2010

Quote Of The Week: Chain Of Strength

"I can't believe another year has gone by
and still nothing, as if we don't even try...
And there's nothing to be proud of,
and nothing you can truly stand by.
It's time to believe.
I've got some things to say,
and I can't save those thoughts forever:
I want to see a change but you don't feel a thing.
I cover you up with words, so nicely said,
just to make you sound good.
I want to believe.
I want to believe.
Oh, sure people fucking buy it,
but nothing is standing up with time.
And if you really want to say something,
were we ever really saying something?"
Chain Of Strength - "impact" - The One Thing That Still Holds True - 1996

As much as I dislike the term because it provides haters way too much opportunity to take their cheap shots, when I hear the word “crucial” one band comes to mind: Chain Of Strength.
To me this band has all that I look for in Straight Edge Hardcore, simple as that. Besides having what may very well be the best bandname ever,
they also have the perfect logo and T-shirt designs, the best lay-outs and the coolest pictures. Chain had the positivity and the anger at the same time and they captured it like very few others could. They had the lyrics that were simple and catchy, yet meaningful and effective.
Chain Of Strength has always been a band much criticized for its image and its heritage yet when it comes down to Youth Crew styled Hardcore, Chain Of Strength still blows most bands out of the water.
People call it cheesy, I call it true to its form. People say it was a pose, I say it was a stance.

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